Ultimate Chatbot Marketing Automation
The latest generation Chatbot Marketing Automation tool available today. Level up your online sales with Nyle automation.
This is the most powerful way to scale up your
sales on Amazon and grow your customer audience, while saving you a ton of time and money.

Why Select Us

easily Connect to Amazon’s Powerful API with Messenger Bot
Automation of the highest level covers every single step of the process of selecting the right shoppers to go through the rebate campaigns.
It also includes full control of each step of the customer journey to prevent the appearance of fraudulent and unfavorable customers.

You will:

Rank your products and increase sales on Amazon in the most cost-effective way

Run powerful and fully automated rebate/cashback promotions

Protect your account and product sales from unfavorable shoppers

Automatically verify customers’ orders and prevent fraud

Track every step of the user journey within the chatbot


Pull your customers’ orders from Amazon’s Database with no more need to download them manually, and list them in a spreadsheet for a specified period of time.


Provide your customers with a personalized shopping experience - search, add-to-cart all within the bot.


Use Powerful Multi-Channel marketing capabilities of promoting your products through the email, Facebook Messenger, and SMS text messaging campaigns all within our bot.



Get Reviewer Ranking

Check your client’s Reviewer Ranking on Amazon to decide whether he/she is eligible to buy your product or not.

chatbot 1


Shopping Tool

Instantly import your products from Amazon to the Chatbot. Use your product ASIN, SKU or even Brand name to get your products from Amazon and automatically share with Facebook audience.

chatbot 2


Order ID verification

When you have communication with customers, you can confirm whether the particular order has been placed and activated in the system.

chatbot 3


Delivery Verification

Make sure that you can follow up with your customer after the product has been delivered to him.

chatbot 4


Create Review Link

Leave minimum of friction between you and your customers when you need to acquire new reviews from them.

chatbot 5


Review Status Verification

Always see whether your customer has left the review and it was published. Automatically market to your customers by sending them a programmed sequence of follow-ups.

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Grow Fast with
Nyle Chatbot Automation

Try it out free for 30 days. Only $39.95/month after


What is unique about your product and why do I need it?
Our “Ultimate Automation” product is the most powerful and robust solution to run external traffic of customers to your products on Amazon, running promotions with full control and selections of the right types of shoppers. It saves you money preventing fraud and other unfavorable actions.
How is it different from other chatbot templates for rebate/cashback campaigns?
No other product has the same amount of precision and details on managing every step of a user journey. We provide the maximum amount of control over your marketing campaigns and funneling right types of customers.
What is API and why do I need it? What is Nyle’s API?
“API” is a term that stands for Application Programming Interface. In simplest terms, APIs allow applications to share information and communicate with each other. Nyle has official access to Amazon API to pull the data and order information from Amazon and connect it with Nyle Automation Tool.
How do I start using Ultimate Chatbot Automation Flows?
Start your free trial by signing up here (поместить ссылку), then follow the steps of the manual to set up the connection with Amazon API and Install App to be ready for scaling your sales.
What do I do next after I Install the App?
Our talented team creates engaging stories and visual experiences related to your brand, which should spark new emotions with the customers. Let’s build something unique, which would helpyou stand out from others as well as enhance your communication with the target audiencethrough strong branding and identity.
Can I trial Nyle before paying?
Sure! You can test our Automation template on our free plan where you can experiment with your marketing campaigns. You will only be charged in 30 days after your free trial is over.
What kind of support does Nyle provide?
We offer fast email support to paid accounts and prioritized consulting help with Amazon FBA.
Can I use Nyle’s free Chatbot flows without an Amazon account?
We will be releasing some free pre-built templates which can be used without the need of connecting to Amazon API, but they are not as powerful as “Ultimate Automation”.