Nyle utilizes the latest Machine Learning technology with deep expertise of managing six-figure monthly ad budgets to deliver the best possible results for your product.

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World-Class Ad Performance

Our data driven optimization will enable your product and brand to be put in front of your key customers and your target audience. The team of Nyle has a rich experience of working with Amazon algorithms to analyze your traffic and make sure you’re not wasting a penny on unnecessary expenses. Here are a few highlights of our Amazon experience:

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Over 5x ROAS

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  • 7+ years of experience managing PPC for World-Known Brands and 8-9 Figure eCommerce Sellers
  • Deepest expertise of operating in categories with the highest competition including beauty, household and kitchen, and more niches.
  • Diverse technical and creative background with a long history of manipulating and analyzing data.

Home and Kitchen Brand has increased sales by 375% within 2 weeks after the end of Q4 holiday season

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(Increase in Sales within 2 weeks)


(ACOS has decreased from 42% to 30%)

High End Accessories Brand has increased sales by 227% and reached Best Seller Badge


(Increase in Sales within 1 week)


(ACOS has dropped from 46% to 39%)

Beauty Brand has increased sales by 165% and ranked at 1st page for competitive keywords


(Increase in Sales within 5 days)


TACOS is being maintained

Nyle’s team of experts will guide you through the steps of setting up and managing PPC optimization

From $495 / month

per SKU

  • Onboarding and setting goals
  • Preparation of the ad campaigns and product launch
  • Ongoing management and optimization
  • Creation of additional campaigns based on the collected data
  • Testing new placements and ad types
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization