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Lunardust is the brand that we have created for our client from scratch, involving the efforts of product research, strategy and product design.

We conducted an in-depth research to find a new product niche with high demand and low competition, where we could use our creativity and vision to design and efficiently market an amazing product in USA.


project manager malika saydasheva
creative director karim saydashev
packaging Dmitri kuznetsov
logo, identity lisa bergen
amazon launch kArim saydashev


amazon seo optimization
amazon ppc
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amazon’s choice

$ 12,800

sales within 2 weeks


acos within 3 weeks

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We have added a fresh and modern design look to maximize the chances of attracting the visitors’ attention.

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We work on perfecting the quality of your products so that they would look unique among your competitors. Achieving the highest customer satisfaction is our mission, which is a key for success of our clients.

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